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FBR Pakistan
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M/s Mian Shafiq Business International challenges tax notice, attachment of bank accounts in SHC
Customs Today
Tuesday, 26-07-2016, Read more

IHC to hear 3 tax cases against FBR field offices today
Customs Today
Tuesday, 26-07-2016, Read more

Ziauddin Wazir to assume charge as Member Customs Appellate Tribunal on Friday
Customs Today
Tuesday, 26-07-2016, Read more

Customs Appellate Tribunal functionality still in doldrums
Customs Today
Tuesday, 26-07-2016, Read more

FTO reserves verdict in Al Hama Steel Mills case
Customs Today
Tuesday, 26-07-2016, Read more

Customs valuations of dozens of imported items revised
Business Recorder
Tuesday, 26-07-2016, Read more

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