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Judgment Lahore High Court- 1.Payment from personal bank account is acceptable in case of soleproprietorship concern 2. Loading / Unloading charges and Freight collected from customer is not part of supply.
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Presentation by Mr. Noman Khawaja on Efiling of Income Tax Return for Tax Year 2014 by Salaried Taxpayers, a useful guide for salaried taxpayers.
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قا بل تحلیل لو ہے و ا سٹیل ا سکر یپ پر فکس ٹیکس کا نو ٹیفیکیشن جا ر ی
Daily Express
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

Faisalabad Excise impounds 290 token tax defaulter cars, 1175 cases registered
Customs Today
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

Customs Internal Audit submits gold smuggling report to FBR chief Bajwa
Customs Today
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

PRA orders DCOs to computerrise land record untill Dec 31
Customs Today
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

Traders Blame new software for low tax returns
Custosm Today
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

Peru outlines tax cuts to revive economy
Business Recorder- World
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

EU to use 'LuxLeaks' documents in tax probe
Business Recorder- World
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

In new role, Republican Paul Ryan takes aim at tax reform
Daily Times
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

FBR urged to extend date of e-filing IT returns
Business Recorder
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

Defective tax return forms for year 2014: FTO Office may issue another landmark judgement
Business Recorder
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

KP chief minister for regularisation of NCP, smuggled vehicles
Business Recorder
Friday, 21-11-2014, Read more

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Old news April 08 to November 20, 2014
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Softax is an online information portal that provides affordable, speedy, precise and up-to-date information on tax and corporate issues in a safe, clean and professional environment to the general public. Services include:

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Changes in Tax and Corporate Laws are updated on daily basis.

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Normally Laws are updated through notifications and sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the technical language of these notifications.

Our commentaries interpret these notifications and translate them into simple and understandable language making it easier for everyone to understand.

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Softax provides Training Services since 1997. Softax offers customized and generalized training services in the areas of Tax, Accounts, Finance, HR, IT, Internal Audit and much more. You are welcome to direct your training queries to the training team at For more information you may also visit

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