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Judgment Lahore High Court- 1.Payment from personal bank account is acceptable in case of soleproprietorship concern 2. Loading / Unloading charges and Freight collected from customer is not part of supply.
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Presentation by Mr. Noman Khawaja on Efiling of Income Tax Return for Tax Year 2014 by Salaried Taxpayers, a useful guide for salaried taxpayers.
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Shahbaz forms body to review SRO 608 issue
The Nation
Tuesday, 25-11-2014, Read more

Excise Department to start hiring in December
Customs Today
Tuesday, 25-11-2014, Read more

Mass reshuffle of staff likely in Excise Department
Customs Today
Tuesday, 25-11-2014, Read more

Revenue employees stage sit-in against extortionists
Business Recorder
Tuesday, 25-11-2014, Read more

December 5 deadline: FBR calls for ensuring filing of tax returns by MPs
Business Recorder
Tuesday, 25-11-2014, Read more

Levy of anti-dumping duty: ESTA Code authorises NTC acting chief to exercise all powers
Business Recorder
Tuesday, 25-11-2014, Read more

Sales Tax and Excise Acts: experts challenge legal interpretation by FBR wing
Business Recorder
Tuesday, 25-11-2014, Read more

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Old news April 08 to November 24, 2014
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SRO # Date Title  
.21-Nov-2014Exemption from penalty and Default Surcharge if Return for Tax Year 2014 is filed by 05-12-2014  (New)View
819(I)/201416-Sep-2014Amendment in Income Tax Rule,2002View
817(I)/201415-Sep-2014Advance Tax on Air TicketsView
765(I)/201426-Aug-2014Amendment in Income Tax Rule,2002 (ATL)View
717(I)/201407-Aug-2014Federal Board of Revenue is pleased to specify the manner and the conditions for issuance of exemption certificate, exempting import of raw material from the provisionsView
716(I)/201407-Aug-2014Amendment shall be made in the Second Schedule.View
699(I)/201424-Jul-2014S.R.O 699(I)/2014 Date 24.07.2014View
698(I)/201424-Jul-2014S.R.O 698(I)/2014 Date 24.07.2014View
686(I)/201423-Jul-2014Draft Return Form for Companies for Tax Year 2014View
618(I)/201401-Jul-2014Draft Return Form for Tax Year 2014View
351(I)/201409-May-2014FBR authorize and specify the functions, powers and jurisdiction of the officers of the Directorate General (Intelligence & Investigation)View
341(I)/201402-May-2014Imposition of Regulatory Duty @ 25% on the export of Potatoes and Withdrawal of Customs Duty, Sales Tax and Withholding Taxes on import of potatoes for the period 5th May, 2014 to 31st July, 2014View
115(I)/201419-Feb-2014Banking Companies Reporting RequirementsView
17(I)/201407-Jan-2014Amendment in Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001View


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