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Writ Petition No. 19821/2013 (M/s Soneri Bank LTD. Vs. Federation of Pakistan ETC.)
Honorable Lahore High Court Judgment said that information required u/s 165A by the bank to FBR is not unconstitutional. So, banks are bound to provide information of Non-NTN Holders and Non-Filers to FBR on monthly basis.
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Excise is trying its best to chase tax collection targets: Imran Aslam
Customs Today
Thursday, 29-01-2015, Read more

Order-in-Revision issued against reviewed petition of Tayyaba Motors
Customs Today
Thursday, 29-01-2015, Read more

Traders adopt strategy to avoid controversial SRO-608
Customs Today
Thursday, 29-01-2015, Read more

افغانستان کو برآمدات کے ریفنڈ کلیمز پر دستی کارروائی کا حکم
Daily Express
Thursday, 29-01-2015, Read more

FPCCI starts working on budget proposals
The Nation
Thrusday, 29-01-2015, Read more

آل پاکستان سیکنڈ ہینڈ کلودنگ ایسوسی ایشن کے وفد کی چیئرمین ایف بی آر سے ملاقات
Nawai Waqt
Thursday, 29-01-2015, Read more

Pending STRNs: FBR redevising sales tax registration system
Business Recorder
Thrusday, 29-01-2015, Read more

Serious health risks: Inferior quality betel nuts being imported with impunity
Business Recorder
Thursday, 29-01-2015, Read more

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